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Notice #: 0001262517-01
State-City and County Jobs

DEPARTMENT OF WATER SUPPLY COUNTY OF HAWAI’I HILO, HAWAI’I The Department of Water Supply, County of Hawai’i, announces the following recruitment for its student summer program positions in South Hilo: STUDENT HELPER II FULL TIME $10.60/hour Employment will be for a period not to exceed eighty-nine (89) calendar days. Positions will be in Administration, Finance, Engineering, or Operations Center. Minimum requirement: education equivalent to completion of one year (24 credits minimum) from a four-year accredited college or university. (Submit copy of current official college transcript at time of application failure to do so will result in the application not being accepted). Examples of Duties Administration: collect, compile and file personnel and safety information, as directed; create and update computer application files; create, organize and update various hardcopy files and schedules; assist in data entry of information generated and collected for the division; perform routine office type work and use common office machines and scanner. Finance: compile, organize, update, post, and file accounting and statistical information; assist with data entry using various computer desktop applications; perform routine office type work; operate common office machines. Engineering: assist with the planning, drafting and designing, inspecting, surveying, data collecting, basic hydraulic calculations for water system analyses, scanning and filing, and other duties relative to water systems engineering; perform routine office-clerical work. Operations Division: assist in field leak survey, data collection, and entry; update tax map key maps; assist in searching and compiling data for facilities from various files and records; compile and analyze data; computerize data including records of equipment and materials; make preliminary investigations for repairs; make sketch plans or drawings to scale of pumping or treatment stations, and perform miscellaneous or related office work. Application form (including current copy of official college transcript) must be received by: April 17, 2020, 4:30 p.m., at the Department of Water Supply, County of Hawai’i, 345 Kekuanao’a Street, Suite 20, Hilo, Hawai’i 96720. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER AND EMPLOYER Application forms are available from the Department of Water Supply, County of Hawai’i, at 345 Kekuanao’a Street, Suite 20, Hilo, Hawai’i 96720. (HTH1262517 2/9, 2/16/20)