Hawaii Tribune-Herald
Notice #: 0001286670-01
Public Auctions

Auction Sale Notice is hereby given, that the goods stored by the following persons, listed as follows are in default of rents due and will be sold at Public Auction at Affordable Self Storage and Uhaul on July 25, 2020 at 10:00 am. CASH OR CC ONLY. Contents will be sold as a unit per outside inventory. 1) Darrel Brockman, Unit B4, Suitcases, Misc. Boxes 2) Francine Javar, Unit E17, Dresser Drawers, Boxes, Clothes 3) Edmund Urban, Unit F30, Guitar, Tables, Filing Cabinets, Golf Clubs, Hawaiian Drum 4) Becky Simmons, Unit C49 Guitar, Boxes, Rocking Chair, Furniture, Vacuum. 5) Cecilia Ogata, Unit E33, Ukulele, Boxes, Bookcase, Fans 6) Kevin Misch, Unit A18, Guitar, Luggage, Duffel Bag, Shoes. 7) Karen Michal, Unit B23, Misc. Boxes Michael Shewmaker OWNER Affordable Self Storage 69 Railroad Ave. Hilo, HI 96720 (HTH1286670 7/12, 7/19/20)