Hawaii Tribune-Herald
Notice #: 0001287231-01
Dissolve Corporations

NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF S. YOKOYAMA, INC. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to HRS ยง414-387 that S. YOKOYAMA, INC. filed an Articles of Dissolution effective June 30, 2020. Any creditor must present its claim with proper vouchers or duly authenticated copies thereof to LEATRICE REIKO YOKOYAMA, c/o Kushi&Kushi, Attorneys at Law, A Law Corporation, 140 Haili Street, Suite A, Hilo, Hawai`i 96720. Any claim against said corporation shall be barred unless an action to enforce the claim is commenced within five (5) years after the publication of this Notice. DATED: July 8, 2020 LYNNE K. KUSHI Kushi&Kushi Attorneys at Law A Law Corporation 140 Haili Street, Suite A Hilo, Hawai`i 96720 Attorney for S. Yokoyama, Inc. (HTH1287231 7/21/20)