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Notice #: 0001300679-01
Notices to Creditors

Notice to Creditors and Interested Persons P. No. 97-0596 Estate of Maximo P. Esteban, Deceased on 9/11/1995 Are hereby notified to present their claims or petition for formal testacy proceedings and/or with proper vouchers and duly authenticated copies thereof, even if the claim is secured by mortgage upon real estate. Within four months from date of the first publication of this notice or they will be forever barred. Filed, Petition Special Administrator on September 7, 1997. Exhibits: Last Will, dated May 20, 1993, Appointed Personal Rep named Celerina Norinne Esteban Namnama; Estate properties and Flag sheet. Dated October 15, 2020 Jean Esteban, Pro Se Heir 3007 Numana Road Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 (HTH1300679 11/4/20)