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Notice #: 0001332890-01

NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE COURT ACTION: Pursuant to the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment Against All Defendants and for Interlocutory Decree of Foreclosure filed December 9, 2020; Bank of America, N.A. v. Bruce Silva Sr. et al., Civil No. 18-1-0310, Circuit Court of the Third Circuit, State of Hawaii, the Commissioner will sell the property at public foreclosure sale at the date and time set forth below. PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: All of that land situated at 345 Hoaka Road, Hilo, Hawaii 96720, Island and County of Hawaii, being area 12,454 square feet, more or less, of the Uluwehi Subdivision, neighborhood code 2431-5 with TMK: 3-2-4-054-031-0000. Dwelling 5 rooms, 1 full bath. TERMS OF SALE: The property shall be sold “AS IS” at a public auction with NO UPSET PRICE, sale price could be less than the total encumbrances, and with ten percent (10%) of the highest bid payable in cash or cashier’s check at the end of the auction. The down payment may be subject to forfeiture if the successful bidder fails to pay the remaining balance of the bid, fails to complete the transaction in a timely manner, or as otherwise ordered by the Court. The balance is payable upon delivery of documents transferring title. Buyer shall pay all costs of escrow, conveyance, recordation, conveyance tax and shall be responsible for securing possession. Sale is subject to further bidding at Confirmation Hearing. SALE SHALL NOT BE FINAL UNTIL APPROVED AND CONFIRMED BY THE COURT. LOCATION: The property is located at the Uluwehi Subdivision, 345 Hoaka Road, Hilo, Hawaii 96720. OPEN HOUSE: July 31, 2021 8:00 10:00 a.m. August 1, 2021 8:00 10:00 a.m. House is condemned and no entry is allowed into the house. SALE DATE: The property will be auctioned for sale on August 4, 2021, beginning at 12:00 noon, on the front entrance of Hale Kaulike (State Judiciary Building) 777 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii. ***All open house and auction participants/observers must maintain a six-foot physical distance separation and must wear a mask over their nose and mouth (unless a participant/observer has a disability and cannot wear a mask or cannot safely wear a mask due to reasons related to the disability)*** FURTHER INFORMATION: For further details about the sale, contact Nelson H. Kinoshita, Commissioner, 22 Lei Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720. Telephone 808-935-5454. (HTH1332890 7/4, 7/11, 7/18/21)