Hawaii Tribune-Herald
Notice #: 0001367206-01
Public Auctions

Auction Sale Notice is hereby given, that the goods stored by the following persons, listed as follows are in default of rents due and will be sold at Public Auction at Affordable Self Storage and Uhaul on April 23, 2022 at 10:00 am. CASH OR CC ONLY. Contents will be sold as a unit per outside inventory. 1) Kimberly Ahuna, Unit A4, Suitcases, Misc. Boxes 2) Moani Maldonado, Unit A28, Air Compressor, Suitcase, Baby Crib 3) Merledeen Kepaa, Unit A23, Suitcase, Boxes 4) Ricky Smith, Unit A36 Printer, Household Goods 5) Terence O’Kelley, Unit B47, Antique Furniture 6) Shirley Nalani Golden, Unit B39, Boxes 7) Becky Kawaihae, Unit C49, Wood Rocking Chair, Antique Frames 8) Greg Tavares, Unit F74, Surfboard, Gas Power Saw, Blower 9) Bradly Hatayama, Unit F66, Clothes, Misc. 10) Linda Chong Tim, Unit F21, Auto Tools, Dresser, Power Tools 11) Timothy Lum, Unit E43 Dresser, Grill, Table, Bed 12) George Quinn, Unit D17, 2 Flat Screen TVs, Misc. 13) Darlene Somalinog, Unit D12, Good Recliner, Microwave, Fans 14) Margaret Keliikuli Chang, Unit G44, Ginder, Tables, Storage Racks 15) Cherise Souza, Unit G32, Vinyl Records, Clothes Racks 16) Russelle Botelho, Unit G59, Misc. Boxes 17) Russelle Botelho, Unit G60, Misc. Boxes Michael Shewmaker, Licensed Auctioneer OWNER Affordable Self Storage 69 Railroad Ave. Hilo, HI 96720 (HTH1367206 4/10, 4/17/22)