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Notice #: 0001407813-01
Public Hearings


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”) Chapters 91 and 271, and Hawaii Administrative Rules (“HAR”) Chapters 16-601, 6-62, and 16-608, the HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (“Commission”) will hold a show cause hearing to determine whether the certificates of public convenience and necessity or permits of the motor carriers listed below should be suspended or revoked for their failure to do one or more of the following:

(a) File annual financial reports pursuant to HRS § 271-25 and Ordering Paragraph No. 2 of the Order Authorizing the Continuation of the Zone of Reasonableness Program for Motor Carriers, filed on September 22, 2010, in Docket No. 2007-0159;

(b) Pay annual fees and/or assessed penalties, pursuant to HRS
§§ 271-36, 271-27(h) and (i), 40-35.5, and HAR § 6-62-42.

The Commission directs the MOTOR CARRIERS listed below to appear before the Commission at the hearing to be held in the Commission’s hearing room,
465 South King Street, Room 103, Honolulu, Hawaii, at 1:30 p.m.
Friday, March 31, 2023.

Each entity listed below may be represented by an attorney of its own choosing. Sole proprietors may appear on their own behalf; a partner may represent a partnership; and an officer or authorized employee of a corporation, trust, or association may represent the corporation, trust, or association. If an entity listed below fails to appear at the scheduled hearing, the Commission may suspend or revoke that entities certificate or permit.



2023-0020 United Parcel Service—123-C
2023-0021 Wayne’s Enterprises, Inc.—3037-C
2023-0022 Hana Trucking & Equipment Co.—4062-C
2023-0023 LC Hauling LLC—4187-C
2023-0024 WBS Hauling, Inc.—5090C
2023-0025 Angry Bird Trucking LLC—5287-C
2023-0026 Hawaii Trucking & Transportation LLC—5296-C
2023-0027 Hawaii Petroleum, LLC—5819-P
2023-0028 Mercantile Trucking Service, Ltd.—91-C
2023-0029 J/Z Enterprise, dba Blue Bull Trucking—2040-C
2023-0030 Tampos Trucking, Inc.—2161-C
2023-0031 Clarence L. Luke, dba Westcoast CDL Driving School & Hauling— 2217-C
2023-0032 Maxim Trucking, LLC—2313-C
2023-0033 Mahana Trucking, LLC—2334-C
2023-0034 Leong’s Trucking Services LLC—2341-C
2023-0035 West Oahu Aggregate Co., Inc.—2360-C
2023-0036 Ku Trucking, Inc.—2376-C
2023-0037 Phillips Trucking LLC—2409-C
2023-0038 RNR Transport Services LLC—2420-C
2023-0039 C&J Development and Services LLC—2432-C
2023-0040 Work Horse Towing & Services LLC—2434-C
2023-0041 Gemini Logistics Group, Inc.—2439-C
2023-0042 Empire Trucking LLC—2443-C
2023-0043 Waalani Enterprises, LLC—3024-C
2023-0044 Wally Rita Trucking, Inc.—3032-C
2023-0045 Stanford K. Lindsey Trucking, LLC—3049-C
2023-0046 Casinos Towing LLC—3057-C
2023-0047 Kauai Concrete LLC, dba Kauai Concrete and Rock—3075-C
2023-0048 Sustainable X Trucking LLC—3076-C
2023-0049 Hana Trucking & Equipment Co.—4062-C
2023-0050 Raymond B. Kalilikane, Sr., dba Ray’s Rental—4076-C
2023-0051 Island Lowboy and Trucking, LLC—4140-C
2023-0052 Kristo Trucking LLC—4185-C
2023-0053 Ka’u Express, Inc.—5019-C
2023-0054 Kelvin Cardoza, dba KC Trucking—5088-C
2023-0055 Icon Trucking Ltd.—5264-C
2023-0056 West Hawaii Towing & Repair Inc.—5286-C
2023-0057 Hawaii Trucking & Transportation LLC—5296-C
2023-0058 Big Island Hauling, Inc., dba Soil Plus—5300-C
2023-0059 Island Banana Company, Inc., dba Daily Trucking—18-C
2023-0060 Courier Corporation of Hawaii—80-C
2023-0061 Melvin S. Higa, dba M. Higa Trucking—105-C
2023-0062 Grace Pacific LLC—222-C
2023-0063 Onipa’a Transportation Corporation—261-C
2023-0064 Hawaii Piano & Household Moving Inc.—266-C
2023-0065 Truckers, Inc.—290-C
2023-0066 Aloha HP LLC—675-P
2023-0067 Gomes Truck Rentals, Inc.—2008-C
2023-0068 Milton J. Comeaux, dba Comeaux’s Equipment Rentals and Hauling— 2025-C
2023-0069 Kaimi Haina, Inc.—2034-C
2023-0070 SER Trucking, Inc.—2074-C
2023-0071 MKD Enterprises, Inc.—2086-C
2023-0072 Michael H. Tanaka, dba Alliance Trucking—2114-C
2023-0073 J&S Express LLC—2134-C
2023-0074 Porky’s Trucking, LLC—2137-C
2023-0075 MPD, Inc., dba Multi Petroleum Distributors—2143-C
2023-0076 Pacific Isles Equipment Rental, Inc.—2150-C
2023-0077 Nohili Trucking, LLC—2155-C
2023-0078 Huki Lift Hauling A Division of Hook Lift Hawaii, Inc.—2166-C
2023-0079 Super Tow, LLC—2178-C
2023-0080 Hula Hauling LLC—2200-C
2023-0081 Han Kil Moving Co. LLC, dba Han Kil Delivery—2227-C
2023-0082 SKF Services LLC—2233-C
2023-0083 Gerry Gasmen Cabebe—2240-C
2023-0084 J. Jeremiah Trucking Co., Inc.—2244-C
2023-0085 Finance & Leasing, Ltd., dba 24 Haul-It-All, and aba 24 Tow-It-All— 2246-C
2023-0086 Royz Trucking LLC—2250-C
2023-0087 Hawaii Moving & Storage LLC, dba PODS (Portable On Demand Storage)—2259-C
2023-0088 Kawao Trucking LLC—2264-C
2023-0089 Samson Trucking, Inc.—2265-C
2023-0090 D&E Kawelo Construction Incorporated—2278-C
2023-0091 Auwae’s Trucking LLC—2306-C
2023-0092 J&N Hauling LLC—2318-C
2023-0093 Kana’i Trucking LLC—2338-C
2023-0094 DZEL Trucking & Repair LLC—2342-C
2023-0095 Sumo Trucking LLC—2355-C
2023-0096 Johnny Franklin, dba JF Moving Services—2362-C
2023-0097 TPA Trucking, LLC—2363-C
2023-0098 Alice K. Young, dba KNG Services—2364-C
2023-0099 Hang’s Trucking, Inc.—2366-C
2023-0100 Denis Khmelev, dba Honolulu Moving Company—2384-C
2023-0101 JM Trucking LLC—2386-C
2023-0102 Canuck LLC, dba The Delivery People—2388-C
2023-0103 Apex Trucking LLC—2391-C
2023-0104 HI Demand Transport Services LLP—2395-C
2023-0105 Island Container Lift, LLC—2396-C
2023-0106 Hawaiian Ocean Trucking, LLC—2403-C
2023-0107 Guardian Transport Services LLC—2404-C
2023-0108 Imiola Trucking LLC—2405-C
2023-0109 D & J Trucking LLC—2407-C
2023-0110 Bob Sun Inc.—2411-C
2023-0111 Cabebe Brothers LLC—2413-C
2023-0112 Punaluu Equipment Rental & Masonry, LLC—2417-C
2023-0113 Mach 5 Enterprises LLC—2421-C
2023-0114 Lilia Trucking LLC—2422-C
2023-0115 Dado Towing Services—2429-C
2023-0116 Roadsiders Towing & Recovery LLC—2436-C
2023-0117 Augustus Trucking LLC—2437-C
2023-0118 Hero Moving Hawaii Inc.—2441-C
2023-0119 Jonah Alameda, dba Triple K Equipment Rental—2449-C
2023-0120 Makua Equipment Services LLC—2452-C
2023-0121 Hapa Trucking & Services LLC—2453-C
2023-0122 Kamuela Services LLC—2456-C
2023-0123 ASAP Movers—2460-C
2023-0124 Mint Moving Solutions LLC—2525-C
2023-0125 Heart & Soul Organics, LLC—3047-C
2023-0126 David J. Estrella, dba Estrella Enterprises—3048-C
2023-0127 Cummings Family Trucking LLC—3054-C
2023-0128 Brittany Libre, dba B&L Equipment Rental and Hauling—3055-C
2023-0129 J & R Equipment Inc.—3066-C
2023-0130 Western Equipment Services LLC, dba HTS Haumea Trucking
Services—3067 C
2023-0131 Nawai Navea General Contractor LLC—3068-C
2023-0132 Kaui and Sons Rentals and Hauling LLC—3072-C
2023-0133 Boyer Enterprises LLC—3073-C
2023-0134 DM & Sons Trucking LLC—4020-C
2023-0135 ABBA Machinery & Construction, Inc.—4085-C
2023-0136 Erwin & Trinadean DeCoite, LLC, dba Erwin DeCoite & Son’s
2023-0137 No Limit Trucking, LLC—4096-C
2023-0138 Kahului Fast Transfers, LLC—4121-C
2023-0139 Triple G Trucking LLC—4131-C
2023-0140 Sun Fresh Delivery LLC—4163-C
2023-0141 Patrick Shane Keoho, dba Keoho Trucking—4170-C
2023-0142 Alex Gomes Trucking, LLC—4171-C
2023-0143 Diablo Trucking LLC—4195-C
2023-0144 B. Sales Trucking and Excavation, LLC—4200-C
2023-0145 Bryanka Enterprise LLC—4202-C
2023-0146 Delivery Hawaii, Inc., dba Maui Parcel Service—4602-C
2023-0147 Paulele Equipment LLC—5058-C
2023-0148 Frank M. Lawrence, dba C & F Trucking—5081-C
2023-0149 Pacific Transportation Services, Inc.—5100-C
2023-0150 Kahuku Trucking Unlimited, Inc.—5130-C
2023-0151 William S. Julian, dba Pride of Kapoho—5142-C
2023-0152 Winters Ranch, Inc.—5156-C
2023-0153 Paradise Diversified Services, Inc., dba Paradise Pools—5197-C
2023-0154 Iron Horse Trucking LLC—5206-C
2023-0155 Ryan K., Incorporated—5211-C
2023-0156 Ken’s Towing Service, Inc.—5214-C
2023-0157 Mark Carl Gomes, Sr., dba All G Enterprise—5215-C
2023-0158 Island Performance and Off-Road, Inc.—5117-C
2023-0159 Richard Nansen, dba Basic Maintenance Services—5226-C
2023-0160 Tahara Transport, LLC—5234-C
2023-0161 Keopuka Trucking, LLC—5244-C
2023-0162 Guardian Moving & Storage Inc., dba City Moving—5255-C
2023-0163 Jordan Aiapake Santos Kanakamaikai, dba Da’ Water Guy—5263-C
2023-0164 S&L Delivery LLC—5273-C
2023-0165 Trucking with Aloha, LLC—5688-C

(HTH1407813 3/9, 3/16/23)