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THIRD CIRCUIT COURT NOTICE 3CLP-22-0000056 THE ESTATE OF ALONA DANIEL TAETUNA-KALUAU, aka ALONA D. TAETUNA-KALUAU, aka ALONA TAETUNA-KALUAU, Deceased. FILED, a Petition to Transfer from Informal to Formal Proceedings and Authority for Compromise and Settlement of Claim by and on behalf of J.R. Tasi Taetuna-Kaluau and Dorene Marie Clements Taetuna-Kaluau, Personal Representatives, whose address is c/o Payesko Law Firm, LLLC, Donna V. Payesko, Esq., P.O. Box 1554, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96745. Wednesday, July 26, 2023 at 8:30 a.m., before the Presiding Judge, sitting in Probate at Hale Kaulike, 777 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii 96720-4212 is the appointed date, time and place for hearing said Petition, and Petition may be heard via Zoom remote conferencing, Zoom conference ID 413 600 8155, and non-attorney participants unable to participate by video may call 1 669 900 9128 to participate by telephone by using the Zoom video conference ID. All interested persons and any heirs of the above named estate are hereby notified that pursuant to Rule 10(c) of the Hawaii Probate Rules, any party wishing to object or respond to the Petition shall file such objection or response with the Court, the presiding Judge, sitting in Probate at Hale Kaulike, 777 Kilauea Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii 96720-4212, within 30 days of the date of the date of the first publication of this notice; if any interested person desires further notice concerning the Petition, that person must file a Demand for Notice pursuant to HRS Section 560:3-204 with the Court. DATED: Hilo, Hawaii, May 17, 2023 KIARA GOO CLERK of the Above-Entitled Court Attorneys for Petitioner: PAYESKO LAW FIRM, LLLC DONNA V. PAYESKO P.O. Box 1554 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745 (808) 989-8390 payeskolaw@gmail.com (HTH1416951 6/26, 7/3, 7/10/23)