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Planning Dept. Applications Submitted Oct. 2023

In accordance with Section 25-2-3(g) Division 1, Article 2 of Chapter 25 (Zoning) of the Hawai’i County Code, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following applications have been submitted.


1.*Phil Tinguely/Walua Partners, LLC (PL-SMA-2023-036) SMA Use Permit to Develop 18 Residential Units in 2-Story & 1-Story Bldgs., Private Pools, Office Bldg., Rec Room & Related Development on 2.0 acs. at 75-5885 Walua Rd., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-018:095.
2.*Gold Coast SP LLC (PL-SMA-2023-040) SMA Use Permit to Construct a Single-Family Residence & Related Improvements on 0.55 acs. at 15-1107 Ala Heiau Ave., HPP, Puna, TMK: 1-5-031:062.
3.*Lili’uokalani Trust (PL-REZ-2023-051) Amendment to Change of Zone Ord. No. 00-90 (REZ 684) to Delete Cond. B, C, D, F, & K; If Cond. B & C Cannot be Deleted, LT Request 10-Yr. Time Ext. to Cond. B (Time to Secure Final Plan Approval) & a 7-Yr. Time Ext. to Cond. C (Time to Complete Construction) on 0.874 acs. situated on the South Side of Eho St. & Queen Ka’ahumanu Hwy. Intersection, N. Kona, TMK: 7-4-015:015 (por.).
4.*Waikoloa Village Center LLC (PL-REZ-2023-052) Change of Zone from Open (O) to Industrial-Commercial Mixed-20 acs. (MCX-20) on 26.052 acs. Makai of Auwaiakekua Gulch, Waikoloa, S. Kohala, TMK: 6-8-003:041.


1.*Keane & Salina Iranon (PL-AFD-2023-068) on 20 acs. at 19-4535 Amaumau Rd., Puna, TMK: 1-9-001:010.
2.*Robert J. Silber (PL-AFD-2023-069) on 8.134 acs. at 13-2060 Lolia Pl., Puna, TMK: 1-3-002:140.
3.*Sandra Colter (PL-AFD-2023-070) on 10.273 acs. at 67-1088 Wainoenoe Rd., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-7-006:007.
4.*Bonnie Wright & Arlene Libby/Fluid Archetype LLC (PL-AFD-2023-071) on 20.007 acs., at 57-3241 Honoipu Pu’uhue Rd., N. Kohala, TMK: 5-7-001:029.


1.*Christopher Green/ASCR LLC (PL-PLA-2023-245) Commercial Building for Food Manufacturing/ Warehouse on 73,190 sq.ft. at 16-208 Mikahala St., Puna, TMK: 1-6-148:035.
2.*Kirk Grimshaw/ESS Storage Acquisition Eighty Three LLC (PL-PLA-2023-246) New Self-Storage Facility on 5.71 acs. at 73-5651 Olowalu St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-051:137 & 099.
3.*Chauncey Wong Yuen/SoH (PL-PLA-2023-247) AVIS Car Rental Maintenance Baseyard & Offices on 0.99 acs. at 73-163 Aupele St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-043:032-0008.
4.*Sixt Rent A Car/Nate Hendricks (PL-PLA-2023-248) Renovate Existing Bldg. into New Car Rental Facility w/Related Improvements on 1.19 acs. at 73-5622 Kaiakoili St., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-051:129.
5.*Bruce Meyers/Lehua Village Partners LLC (PL-PLA-2023-249) 20-Lot Subdivision & Paved Road on 7.14 acs. at Lehua St., Hamakua, TMK: 4-5-010:136.
6.*Joel Laber, INC./Waikoloa Village ASSOC (PL-PLA-2023-250) Restrooms on 17.385 acs. at 68-1936 Waikoloa Rd., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-8-002:020.
7.*David A. Stout/Episcopal Church of Hawaii (PL-PLA-2023-251) Community Bldg. on 1.4865 acs. at 65-1237 Kawaihae Rd., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-5-003: 046.
8.*Jeffrey S. Ochi/CoH-Dept. of P&R (PL-PLA-2023-252) Public Beach Park on 1.41 acs. at 89-1151 Miloli’i Rd., S. Kona, TMK: 8-9-004:001.
9.*David H. Reese/Kohanaiki Shores LLC (PL-PLA-2023-253) Residential Condominium Project on 8.348 acs. at 73-4730 Hinahina Rd., N. Kona, TMK: 7-3-063:005.
10.*Isemoto Contracting Co. Ltd./Kukio Community Association INC (PL-PLA-2023-254) Improvements to Existing WWTP on 7.333 acs. at 72-877 Po’opo’omino Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-2-036:006.
11.*Kona Torrent LLC/BP Bishop Estates (PL-PLA-2023-256) Ag. Tourism on 18.4 acs. at 83-5249 Painted Church Rd., S. Kona, TMK: 8-3-008:001.
12.*Katy Metzler/Waikoloa Plaza LLC (PL-PLA-2023-257) Commercial Shopping Center on 5.6480 acs. at 68-4420 Waikoloa Plaza Rd., S. Kohala, TMK: 6-8-003:043.


1. *White Sands Village, AOAO (PL-SAA-2023-186) Repair & Maintenance of Tennis Courts, Driveways & Parking Lots on 3.9915 acs. at 77-6469 Ali’i Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-7-008:101.
2. *Hilo Hawaiian Hotel/SoH (PL-SAA-2023-189)
Routine Tree-Trimming & Removal of Invasive Species on 5.0 acs. at 71 Banyan Dr., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-1-003:005.
3. *Grand Naniloa Hotel/SoH (PL-SAA-2023-190) Demolition & Reconstruction of Gazebo on 2.95 acs. at 93 Banyan Dr., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-1-005:016.
4. *State-DOT/Hana U’i LLC, Steven L. Wolf & Maria J. Wolf (PL-SAA-2023-191) Access & Construction Staging for Hakalau Bridge Repair Project on 21,867 sf. & 2.58 acs. on Hawai’i Belt Rd., N. Hilo, TMK: 3-1-001:001 & 002.
5.*BREIT Kona Property Owner LLC/HKK Hawai’i, LLC (PL-SAA-2023-192) Repairs to Existing Sewer Line on 0.804 ac. & 1.616 acs. at King Kam. Hotel, N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-006:024 & 032.
6. *Brian Clark TR (PL-SAA-2023-193) Proposed 4-Lot Subdivision on 16.9393 acs. at 27-121 Mill Rd., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-7-004:118.
7. *Vanessa S. Pearson (PL-SAA-2023-194) CRM Wall & Vegetation Removal on 16,972 sf. at 75-5446 Kona Bay Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-5-005:040.
8. *Peter Knoblich/Knoblich-Mabery Family Trust (PL-SAA-2023-196) Repair & Replace 32-ft. Por. of Concrete Block Wall w/A’a Lava Wall on 9,105 sf. at 77-6424 Ali’i Dr., N. Kona, TMK: 7-7-004:039.
9. *Ravi K. Tanjavur/TGRK Land, LLC (PL-SAA-2023-197) Construct Single-Family Dwelling & Related Improvements on 0.95 ac. at 27-106 Lali Pl., S. Hilo, TMK: 2-7-036:002.
10. *Kealakekua Heritage Ranch, LLC (PL-SAA-2023-198) Grub Existing Roadways Around Paddocks on 73.264 acs. at 82-6039 Napo’opo’o Rd. & 0.283 ac. at Napo’opo’o Rd., S. Kona, TMK: 8-2-003:002 & 8-2-004:021.
Maps/documents are on file & open for inspection during office hours 7:45am-4:30pm at the HI County Planning Dept, 101 Pauahi St, Ste 3, Hilo, or 74-5044 Ane Keohokalole Hwy, Bldg E, 2nd Floor, Kailua-Kona.

By: ZENDO KERN, Planning Director
HI County is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer
(HTH/WHT1436351 11/13/23)