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Public Hearings

Pursuant to Act 32, SLH 2019, notice is hereby given that the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (“DCCA”) will hold a public hearing on Monday, July 29, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. both in-person in the King Kalakaua Conference Room, 1st Floor, King Kalakaua Building, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, 335 Merchant Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813, and virtually to hear persons interested in the proposed interim rules, Hawaii Administrative Rules (“HAR”) Chapter 16-121, pertaining to Midwives. Please visit our Midwives Committee meetings schedule website — https://cca.hawaii.gov/pvl/midwives-committee-meetings/ — where you will find the necessary information to access this public hearing virtually.
The purpose of the proposed interim rules is to further clarify the initial and renewal license requirements, scope of practice, and unprofessional conduct for licensed midwives by: (1) Clarifying the definition of midwifery care; (2) Clarifying renewal and restoration requirements for licensed midwives; (3) Recognizing the scope of practice for certified professional midwives and certified midwives; (4) Clarifying the administration, storage and recordkeeping for non-controlled legend drugs and devices during the practice of midwifery as allowed by HRS Chapter 457J-11; (5) Further clarifying unprofessional conduct of a licensed midwife; and (6) Further clarifying the basis for denying or disciplining an applicant or licensed midwife.
Interested persons shall be afforded the opportunity to submit data, views, or arguments, orally or in writing, at the time of hearing as time permits. All persons wishing to submit written testimony are requested to email their written testimony to
midwives@dcca.hawaii.gov or if mailing in hard copy, please ensure that your testimony is received by
July 22, 2024, to the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division at the address printed below so that it can be included as part of the record.
A copy of the proposed rules will be mailed to any person who requests a copy upon receipt of $3.17 for the copy and postage. Please submit your request to the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division at the address noted below or contact the Midwives
Program’s office by email at midwives@dcca.hawaii.gov.
Copies may be picked up at the following address between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays: Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Professional and Vocational Licensing Division, 335 Merchant Street, Room 343, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. The cost of a copy, $1.30, is due and payable at the time of pick up.
Further, the proposed rules may be reviewed in person free of charge at the Professional and Vocational Licensing Division at the address and hours of operation printed above. In addition, the full text of the proposed rules is available and can be downloaded free of charge from the web site of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs:
Individuals who require special needs accommodations are invited to call Alexander Pang at (808) 586-2701 at least four (4) working days prior to the hearing.

Nadine Ando, Director

Department of Commerce
and Consumer Affairs
(SA/HTH/WHT/TGI1458534 6/27/24)