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Sep 13(21.) IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE THIRD CIRCUIT STATE OF HAWAII SUMMONS "STATE OF HAWAII" TO: DARLA MABERY and HAWAIIAN OASIS BED&BREAKFAST: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT IRENE BALTZELL and STEVEN F. BALTZELL, AS PLAINTIFFS have filed a Complaint against you in that action filed as Civil No. 3CCV-20-0000156 (Other Non-Vehicle Tort) in the Circuit Court of the Third Circuit, State of Hawaii, seeking judgment for general and special damages, compensatory damages, and punitive damages, in amounts to be proven at trial against you, as well as costs and attorney's fees, and for such other and further relief as is (...) (End Date: Oct 4) (p3)
Sep 8(22.) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE THIRD CIRCUIT NORTH AND SOUTH HILO DIVISION STATE OF HAWAII AMENDED SUMMONS TO: VANCES ADELLE I. CRUZ Civil No. 3DRC-19-0000347 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT BANK OF HAWAII, Plaintiff, has commenced an action against you in Civil No. 3DRC-19-0000347 in the District Court of the Third Circuit, North and South Hilo Division, State of Hawaii, seeking Ten Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy-One and 57/100 dollars ($10,871.57) and for other relief as is just and equitable. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear in the courtroom of the Honorable Presiding Judge, Judge of the above-entitled Court, in (...) (End Date: Sep 29) (p3)
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