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Notice #: 0001459765-01
Notices to Bidders


Department of Public Works County and State of Hawai’iProject Name Hilo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Rehabilitation and Replacement Project Phase 1; Job No. WW 4705R BID DATE: August 2, 2024 2:00pm Hawaii Time Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. License No. CT-12087 Phone : (808) 479-7789 | Fax: (562) 946-3823 Contact : John Bley (John.Bley@Kiewit.com) We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and request sub-bids from all interested DBE contractors and vendors, including Minority Business Enterprise, Women Business Enterprise and all other business enterprises for the scopes described, but not limited to: Aggregate, geosynthetics, hazmat abatement, trucking, operated water trucks, subsurface investigation, demolition of structure, disposal of dirt/concrete/rubble, site clearing, temp shoring, grading, subgrade and roadbed, soil stabilization, storm water pollution prevention, street sweeping, cathodic protection, underground piping, ductile iron pipe, plastic pipe, manhole material, asphalt paving, curbs and gutter, fencing, traffic signs, landscaping, ready mix supply, concrete forms and accessories, concrete reinforcing, concrete pumping, precast concrete, concrete drilling/saw-cutting, concrete rehabilitation, masonry, metals, welding services, stainless steel pipe, steel pipe, metal deck, expansion joints, finish carpentry, plastic fabrication, damp proofing and waterproofing, building insulation, membrane roofing, flashing/sheet metal, fire/smoke protection, joint sealer, plastic doors/frames/hardware, overhead door, windows, gypsum board, flooring, painting/coating, identification devices, fire protection specialties, equipment, solid waste handling equipment, water supply/treatment pumps, mixers and flocculator, clarifiers, chemical feed equipment, sewage/ sludge pump, grit collection equipment, screening/grinding equipment, sedimentation tank equipment, scum removal equipment, sludge handling and treatment equipment, compressor, sludge digestion equipment, digester mixing equipment, pre-engineered structure, storage tank, measurement/control instrumentation, hoists and crane, crane rail, bridge crane, jib crane, bolts/gaskets, hangers/support, mechanical insulation, pipes and tubes, valves, pickling/passivation, fire protection piping, plumbing fixtures and equipment, HVAC, fiberglass-reinforced plastic process pipe, testing, adjusting, balancing and electrical work. To facilitate small business participation, Kiewit will divide scopes of work into economically feasible units where possible. Project is subject to CWSRF Federal “Cross-Cutter Requirements” including AIS and prevailing wage. Plans and specifications may be obtained upon request and provided to you through Kiewit’s electronic use of BuildingConnected. Please send email request to Susana.Ramirez@Kiewit.com (HTH1459765 7/02/24)